The USYC Oracle reports the current price of USYC. The price is updated once per day and occurs after the prior day's activity has been reported by the Prime Brokerage. Once all subscriptions, redemptions, and accrued interest are reconciled, the price is reflected on-chain.
Trade activity occurs Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. The holiday schedule can be found on the Federal Reserve Board website. The results of the trade activity will occur the next morning. For example: Monday trade accrues interest overnight, Tuesday morning the activity will be reconciled and reported on-chain.
In order to compute the current APR, the oracle provides principal and interest at each price update. These two values can be used to compute the overnight interest rate. It is important to account for interest that accrues over multiple days (i.e. Friday repo generates 3 days of interest).

Holiday Schedule


The USYC Oracle adheres to the Chainlink aggregator interface.